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Hi there! Pleased to meet you, my name is Heather. I live in Bracknell in the UK which means that I love roast dinners, Kate Middleton, complaining about the weather and wandering through the British countryside. I love walking my dog in the sunshine and pottering around with bare toes which doesn’t bode well with the English rain!

There are lots of boys in my life: I’m married to Ben who I live with, work with, holiday with and adventure with. We work together at Kerith Community Church leading our Sandhurst community. I’m mummy to Jasper Samuel who arrived on the scene in June 2017. We also have a very playful, fluffy, clown of a dog called Wilbur who brings an endless amount of energy and enthusiasm to our everyday.

When I’m not working I have a varied collection of side-lines and projects in my life which I like to pretend I’m good at. These include, in no particular order, reading a whole pile of books all at the same time, trying out my culinary skills in the kitchen cooking and baking (usually bread), making things (think “craft” but without the image of old people and “DIY” without the hardhats and builders), boring my husband showing him photos and guidebooks of places I’d like to take him, getting outside in the fresh air, catching up with friends on the sofa and long drawn-out family meals.

I’m a carbs and water girl. I think every meal should involve freshly baked bread and a large, chilled decanter of water. If I had my way, my family and friends and all my church would relocate to a quieter, more scenic part of the world. FYI, I love everything about you Bracknell: your people,  your resolve and determination to redevelop to a brighter future, you proximity to London and Heathrow – just not the noise, roundabouts and 1960’s buildings. Call me shallow… Bracknell does have beautiful forests, Virginia Waters and Windsor Great Park nearby which is it’s saving grace.

My favourite seasons are Spring and Summer – Spring for the flowers, Summer for the sunshine. Winter is tolerable (only because of cosy, woolly things and Christmas) and Autumn really is the worst; everything’s dying and all sludgy. The one single thing that slightly redeems Autumn is the fact that my birthday is in October, otherwise I would completely cross it off the calendar.

Most of the best possessions in life fit neatly into a handbag: a bible, a library card, a passport, a mywaitrose card to keep my husband happy with coffee, coloured pens, notebooks and a camera to take pictures.

I’m a self-confessed book and blog junkie – over the years, I’ve read a thousand, beautifully written pieces that I’ve been inspired by, laughed with, cried at and reshaped my life around after reading them. I love that you can both be inspired by things you read and also share meaning with others also through the nuggets of insight and wisdom that you’ve collected along the way. So this is a place for me to take notes on my life and to share what I’m learning. It’s a space for my projects and sidelines, to find my voice, to develop my creativity, and to document what’s meaningful in my life.

And maybe some people might find it helpful too.

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