Over the past 6 years or so, I’ve done many Beth Moore bible studies. Flicking back through them is almost like a record of my spiritual growth. My absolute favourite and the one that’s had the most profound impact on me is “Believing God”. It’s about the difference between believing in God (that He exists) and actually believing what God says, by taking him at his word. It took my faith to another level, bringing to surface some of my doubts, challenging me to believe what the bible says about God and myself and causing me to step out in faith.

One of the things she encourages you to do practically to build your faith and help you believe God is to record daily moments of His faithfulness. It might be an unexpected blessing, seeing His beauty in creation, Him speaking to you in a verse, good coming from something hard or painful, significant moments with God or when something happens that you know is more than a coincidence.

I started doing it 3 years ago when I first did the study and found it so helpful and encouraging in noticing God’s hand that I’ve been doing it ever since.

Firstly, I started an Instagram account for me and God. When I spot God and moments of his faithfulness, I take a photo of something related and write how it spoke to me. No one else follows it and I don’t follow anyone else, it’s just a place for me to put “memorial stones” of moments I’ve seen God work and to scroll through them periodically and be reminded of them. I have photos of blessings that I didn’t ask for that were exactly what I needed (a pregnancy pillow, maternity clothes, a book someone gave me…), bible verses that spoke to me in the season I was in, prophetic words given to me, God’s supernatural provision of people with particular gifts who have helped me (electricians, photographers, great advice givers), photos representing financial provision, and pictures that represent little God coincidences when his timing and attention to detail has amazed me. I love scrolling through this pictures to remember that God continually threads his faithfulness through my everyday life, I just need to be aware enough to notice it.

The second thing I did was I started writing down answers to prayer as well as my prayer requests. Each day, I go for a dog walk and pray through my “7” prayer list (7 big things I pray for most days – I’m not sure why 7, it was probably the length of my first list and it stuck!). When I see God answer them or see progress in a certain area, I note it down. Over the last 12 months, I’ve seen God answer prayer about healing in a loved ones life, Ben and I falling pregnant, the safe arrival of our baby, the sale of our house, ministry fruit, a lost engagement ring found again, opportunities to share my faith with particular people, breakthrough in friends and families lives, material provision when we’ve been in need … and that’s just naming a handful. I have them as “tasks” on the lists app on my phone but it builds my faith to see “completed tasks” where God has shown up. There are things that have been on their since day 1 that God’s not yet answered and things I’m still waiting on God for but seeing how he’s worked in the other area feeds my faith when praying for the person that seems no closer to God than when I started praying for them, or for the house purchase that still seems a long way from over.

One of the greatest builders of our faith tomorrow is remembering the ways God worked today. I have a terrible memory so I know that if I hadn’t recorded these areas where God was faithful, I likely would forget that I found my engagement ring after praying, or that God opened the opportunity to do ministry in that place. Creating a record of Gods past faithfulness helps feed and build my faith going forward.


This weekend, my church are hosting our annual women’s conference REAL and 2017 is rooted in the theme of “Believe”. I’m so looking forward to it as I know our faith will be refreshed, challenged and stretched, that we’ll leave this weekend believing God for bigger and greater things and further Gods kingdom among our communities off the back of it. If you don’t know anyone, come and sit with me and you can find out more information here.

One thought on “Believe

  1. Oh Heather. This was so beautiful to read and also encouraging. I for one often forget people of authority don’t always have it together. We assume that you know when to pray. What to pray. What to do. What not to do. The right passage and know where to find it at times when required and yet reading things like this tells us that you are like all odds is with struggles and difficulties too. Sorry I’m rambling a bit but because my head and emotions are all over the place. I bought my ticket for REAL quite early and was so excited about my new journey worth Kerith but sadly my Mum had a massive stroke on Sunday and I have been with her waiting for the inevitable and her journey onwards with Jesus which is taking its time. We are blessed that she is peaceful and appears not to be in pain but her heart is strong and is battling on. I have been told she will not survive much longer but it has given us time to be together as a family and an opportunity for me to talk about my conviction that Mum will be with Jesus soon and the little jesuscoincidences that are from God. I am so sad i won’t be with you all in Saturday but know that God has amazing plans for you all and will create some incredible times filled with the Holy Spirit. I will be thinking of you all. My love goes to you and Ben and beautiful little Jasper and can’t wait to give him a hug. God bless and can’t wait to hear more of this incredible book you are mentioning here. Sorry for rambling xxxx


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