The Heroines in my Story

IMG_5536Watching Grey’s Anatomy last night, I wondered why I am so drawn to the female characters in the plotlines. I watch Bailey, Meredith, Cristina and Lexie and I am inspired. I feel more able to take risks when they take risks. I feel more confident when I see them succeed. These driven, skilful and highly capable female surgeons incite me to achieve and be more ambitious.

I need a cast of heroines in my real life story to inspire me too.

I need Becca. I need to see her love Jesus and lead her girls in doing so too. I need her out ahead of me, meticulously raising two little ones to be creative, industrious and obedient, to be learners and love others. I need to see her speak kindly to her girls as her voice becomes their internal voice. I need Becca’s wisdom and reliability, her quiet fortitude and unassuming strength. When I see how her faith equips her to calmly overcome the battles in her life with grace and composure, I feel I can be more steady on my feet and peaceful in my walk with Jesus.

I need Catrina. I need Catrina who dreamt of a movement of women in our church who were real with each other, vulnerable and unified, grounded in truth, fierce and brave. Who cheered each other on and spoke life and truth and wisdom into each other. I need to see her preach with wit and warmth wearing beautiful but oh so uncomfortable shoes. I need to see the weeks and weeks of hard work that she puts in beforehand to make these life-changing moments happen. To see her on the days before she hosts those conferences, encouraging her team with love and compassion remembering the little details about their lives. When she gathers her team for playful, warm and merry meetings, when she’s “off duty.” When I see Catrina love the task God’s given her, I feel more in love with the job God’s given me to do. When she steps out her comfort zone, I feel a little braver too.

I need my mother. I need to see her hard work, self-discipline and dedication. As a child, I needed to see her organised and orderly home in the midst of raising 4 children, working full time, running home groups and leading as church warden, watching how you to fit everything in. I needed her to show me what it was to develop people, to bring out the best in the children in our school, even the really tough, ungrateful and difficult ones. I need to see her take on a project and complete them to ridiculously high standards, to go above and beyond, to watch her creativity and resourcefulness, whether it be a church stage design, school play scenery, wedding planning or a fashion show. I need her to demonstrate what it is to speak into peoples lives in an honest and fair manner.  When she strives for excellence, is conscientious, ethical and principled, living a God honouring life, I feel compelled to obey God in all his ways, to go the extra mile and to do what is right.

I need my Kendricks. I need these women who are hilarious and dangerous, who are ambitious, impressive, intelligent and strong. Doctors and lawyers, teachers and bankers, politicians, charity workers and change makers. They are reshaping our society from every angle. They remind me of what is possible and the power and responsibility that has been given to us. When they are ambitious, it spurs me on to dream a little bigger.

I need Claire and Rosie, Steffy and Jenn, Helen and Lisa, Beccy and Val. I need them as they’re smart and resilient, building each other up instead of tearing each other down. As they’re gentle and daring. The girls who do things and don’t just talk about doing things. Who live with passion and compassion and humour and style. I need their vibrancy and vitality. I need to see them be bossy and take the lead, filled with love and laughter.

I need the supporting cast in my life who will never know my name but have been written into my story. Beth and Bobbie, Charl and Sarah, Lori and Brene, Christine, Emily, Tsh and Holly. I need their preaching and writing and stories and art.

Whoever you are, whatever you’re doing your story is inspiring and igniting someone else. We need each other’s stories. And maybe someone needs yours too.

In a few weeks time, we have an event at my church called REAL for all the women in your life. Come and join us as we lean into all that God has for us through everyday women’s’ stories, inspiring teaching, wonderful music and arts, gifts, cake and loads of fun. I’d love for you to come and join in! You can find out more details here.

One thought on “The Heroines in my Story

  1. Thank you so much for this post. It made me go through my own personal list of heroines, if only for now in my mind. I got to your site from IF:Gathering and hope to visit again soon.


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