My Favourite Things – IF:Equip

In February last year, a bunch of my favourite bible teachers gathered together and put on a conference in America called the IF:Gathering. It was a conference based simply around the question “If God is real, then what?” and looks at the calling that God’s placed on each of our lives. There were some fantastic sessions that I listened to online and if the podcasts are available, I’d encourage you to give them a listen.There are a ton of resources off the back of the conference (I love the idea of IF tables – you can find out about them here, who doesn’t love food and great conversation!).

One of my favourite things about this group is IF : Equip. It’s a Bible reading plan for every weekday (Monday-Friday), where you read a passage of scripture, jot down a few thoughts and then hear what other women have learnt from that passage. There are a load of comments to read and add to, and also a 2 minute video from different bible teachers to watch for some extra insights too.

I’ve been using it as my bible reading plan for the most past of this year – we’ve gone through the book of John, Acts, Galatians and have just finished up Genesis (although I’m still doing it as I’m a fair few days behind!). I really like the videos too. There’s a whole load of people that are filmed sharing their thoughts on each passage (Natalie Grant, Ann Voskamp, Shauna Niequist, Jenni Allen, Jenn Hatmaker, Lindsey Nobles, Angie Smith, Kelly Minter, Jennie Catron, Lisa Harper… to name a handful!)

On Monday 19th January, they are starting their next book Joshua which lasts for 3 weeks – if you’re looking for a reading plan, it’s the perfect time to start. If you have 15 minutes, I’d really encourage you to join in – it’s completely free and a really wonderful resource in my mornings. I’d love to hear if you’re using it too!



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