Oh Christmas Tree – The Sprouting Spruce


Welcome December! Time to don the seasonal sequins and deck the halls. Now, my Mum and I have always had a bit of a thing about Christmas trees. Most people go for the bushiest, tallest, straightest, most symmetrical tree that will stand looking stately, grandiose and impressive as the centre piece of the living room.

Mum and I would take a slightly different approach… when left to be the family representatives to select the family Christmas tree, we’d always go for the wonky one, the one with the really long stick at the top that looked like it was reaching up to be as tall as possible, the one that’s a bit lop sided or the ridiculously small, chubby one that looked cute but would be overlooked by the busy Christmas shoppers.

We’d pack it into the car and then spruce it up (pardon the pun) by putting wedges under it to straighten it out, putting it on tree stumps or upturned buckets to make it look taller and generally give it some TLC so that the poor Christmas tree wasn’t cut down with nothing to show for it (we don’t like waste for the sake of it).

After Ben and I got married, Ben has had to adapt to my slightly eclectic Christmas tree preferences. The Pocock side of the family tend to go for the majestic, imposing tree choice (in my husband’s words “they don’t have feelings, just get a massive, decent one”). Our compromise has been a living Christmas tree. Last year, we purchased a sweet, little live Christmas tree which I’ve been lovingly watering and tinkering with over the summer. I’ve been marvelling over the fresh green shoots, saying “hasn’t it grown tall” as if it’s a small child and dreaming sentimentally about how our Christmas tree will grow with our family. It’s ticked my environmental sustainability box and Ben is happy in the knowledge that it’ll one day grow into the colossus of a tree that he longs for… unless I accidentally kill it (which is quite likely.)


Christmas trees are just one of the many traditions that I love about this time of year, whether they be fat or thin or wonky or straight – roll on the social media ambush of festive fir photos to adorn our screens.

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