Questions of a Healthy Leader


I’ve been leading our Sandhurst Site at Kerith with Ben for a little over a year now and I have discovered that a large part of leadership is about questions. Either asking questions or answering them.

In the early stages of the site, I read something really helpful from Jenni Catron, the Executive Director at Menlo Park, about types of leadership questions. She talks about how the types of questions that you ask determine your influence as a leader.

The kinds of questions you’re asking are indicative of whether your leadership is self-focused or others-focused.


The self-focused leader is asking things like:

Do I fit in?

Is everyone happy with me?

How am I doing?

Will I ever be a good leader?


The others-focused leader is asking:

What does my team need today?

Who needs to be encouraged?

What vision do they need to be reminded of?

What is great today and how can I praise the team for it?


I’ve noticed that the more I focus on the needs of others, the stronger my leadership becomes. Healthy leaders are others focused. Whether it’s something that our tech team need,  encouragement to our guest services team or vision casting to our core team. Time spent asking others focused questions is time well spent.

As a new leader, my tendency is to slip into the habit of focusing on questions about myself. But simply having an awareness of the focus of my questions can help me to realign my questions and focus on those who really need my attention.

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