Ben’s Birthday Memories

So a few months ago, Ben had a significant birthday and we had lots of fun celebrating together and making memories. Now, Ben’s family go big on celebrations – they decorate the house for birthdays, they set up feeding stations for Rudolph at Christmas, they wrap up Easter eggs at Easter (who wraps up Easter eggs!? I didn’t even know you could get Easter wrapping paper! My family were lucky if we even got an egg…). On top of all the effort that goes into celebrations in the Pocock household, Ben’s main love language is gifts so I was feeling the pressure for his 30th.

As a precursor to this post, on reflection I think I must have finished planning our women’s conference at Kerith and redirected all my creative energy to Ben’s birthday at the end of the summer. I clearly had time to kill and needed a project!  I know it was probably over the top and extravagant, but what the heck… he liked it.

Firstly I decided to decorate the lounge – I put up a door ribbon up on the door and a birthday banner above the sofa. He’s a words of affirmation boy as well so I made 30 post its of little things that I love about Ben and put them on the wall for him to read.IMG_3215.JPGIMG_3218.JPG

Ben is all about cakes and sweet things so we made some cake balls with “Birthday Ben” toppers for the office. For his actual cake, as his birthday was fire pit themed, I went for a bonfire cake made with melted red and orange boiled sweeties. It was a surprise inside cake too where I hid a number 30 using this method here.



2014-09-04 19.33.40


He’s an extrovert so wanted a party with all his favourites. He didn’t want anything too fancy or extravagant so we went chilled and low key. We gave everyone Ben Style Chunky Glasses and a Ben Party Hat. We made some fajitas, had a firepit and sparklers with smores and had card games going on indoors. There were comedy prizes for all the winners of the games (bronzer for 3rd place, Silver Spoon Sweetener for 2nd place and Gold Blend for 1st place). It was a really fun and chilled out with family and friends – he really enjoyed himself.

IMG_3261.JPG2014-09-15 08.22.042014-09-15 08.22.332014-09-15 08.25.42

For his birthday, he is a gifts boy through and through so I decided to wrap up 30 little gifts (think Ribena, chocolate, drawings, photos, second hand books) and hide them round the house for him. Then I gave him a pile of clues to go and find them! I knew that I wanted to take him to Italy. Ben had never been to Italy before and I’d always wanted to take him on a surprise holiday. We had planned not to go on a holiday to try and save money but I found a really good deal and wanted to mark the occasion. For his big present (number 30 of 30), I created a package for him to unwrap and look through. He found out 2 weeks before we left that we were heading to Italy for pizza, pasta and coffee goodness!

2014-09-05 06.50.102014-09-06 09.27.25-1

Here’s a few pictures from his birthday holiday.


When Ben and I got married, we committed to invest in our marriage, to celebrate the successes and to prioritise having fun. We both put a lot of effort into our jobs and our church so I wanted to honour him and put lots of energy into celebrating 30 years of Benjamin. (No pressure for my 30th Ben, forget all the crafty stuff, just get me a puppy…!)

2014-09-26 12.19.27





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