Mighty Men

Earlier this year, my friends and I did Beth Moore’s study on David.

One part that spoke to me was when David was in a series of wars fighting the Philistines again and again and he becomes exhausted. I love that God chose to keep the fact that David got weary in the bible – David has definitely gone up in my list of favourite bible characters.

 “15 Once again there was a battle between the Philistines and Israel. David went down with his men to fight against the Philistines, and he became exhausted.” 2 Sam 21:15

Do you ever have battles that you seem to fight “once again”?

For me at Sandhurst, it’s the constant battles of …

“there’s not enough volunteers”

“there’s not enough money”

“you need to do more for children/the elderly/youth/people with disabilities/single parents/etc”

“you need to be pushing for more evangelism/ discipleship/ community/ social justice projects/ longer worship/ quieter worship/ less structure in the meetings”


The original word for exhausted in Hebrew is uwph. (The phonetic spelling is oof which is completely brilliant as it just sounds like a big sigh that you’d do when you’re facing the same old battle and at the end of your tank). Beth Moore says this: Uwph means “to cover, to fly, faint, flee away.” It is the overwhelming desire to run and hide.


This is a feeling that is very familiar to me; the temptation to flee away so I don’t have to have those difficult conversations that feel like a battle. The temptation to hide from stepping out my comfort zone to protect myself from criticism. Usually these battles rear their ugly heads when I’m sleep deprived, when things are a bit rocky anyway, when my schedule is full and I’m feeling overwhelmed.


So what happened? Well Abishai and David’s other men came to his rescue. David won these battles, not through his own talent, but through the talent of his team. You see David had mighty men around him. 37 in total. Warriors and Lion Killers and Armour Bearers and Doers of Great Deeds.


I have some mighty men in my life too. Youth Pastors and Primary Teachers and IT Consultants and Tax Men and Women’s Ministry Leaders and Charity Workers. My team on staff, my family, my team at Sandhurst, my hometeam. These people lift me up. They love me and look after me and help me when I’m weary. I can talk these battles through with them and they step in to help me fight them. People who cover me and protect me when I’m weary and close to “uwph”.

If I try and fight these battles on my own, I’ll lose. It’s God’s way of protecting me from trying to be a hero and from appearing like a hero to those around me. I depend on these mighty men in my life. He’s humbled me in order to teach me to depend on my people. God allows us to become exhausted to force us to receive help.

Are you exhausted? Are you desperate to flee, to hide and run away? Go to the mighty men around you. Heroes get weary too. There’s no shame in asking for help.

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