The Hesitant Blogger

I have been a frequent reader of blogs for the last 6 years. I’ve learnt a lot from blogs, picked up tips, been inspired, completed tutorials, sat crying in front of a screen, been compelled to action and turned up to events all from reading a blog.

I have been an infrequent blogger for about 5 years. Look at my archive. I’m a hesitant blogger. I start and then I stop. There are a lot of blogs out there why do you need another one? Blogging is something I’ve always liked the idea of doing but never really got round to. I keep personal journals and write regularly in those but publicly? Not so much.

But not one to give up easily and after various encouragement and conversations with friends, I’ve felt prompted to start blogging again. So here goes.

This blog is foremost and firstly for me. It’s a space to store my memories, stories, photos, collections and clarify my thinking.

I’m writing to play. I love to create and craft things. This isn’t limited just to writing. I enjoy the process of writing and crafting sentences together but on a blog, I can combine my hobbies; sharing photography and recipes, logging creative projects, DIY, books I’ve read, food, exploring and travel. I believe we were all made to invent and innovate, to craft and create and a blog provides blank pages to sketch and scribble on.

I’m writing to learn. At university I studied Reflective Learning; if you take the time to think about your experiences and what you’re learning, you increase your understanding. The nuggets of wisdom you pick up sink deeper into your being. My personality type will always cause me to rush onto the next thing and “do” all the time. In my experience, journaling and reflecting helps to steer me away from scattered and fragmented living. My hope is that writing will give me more clarity and focus, will increase my self-awareness and help me live intentionally.

I’m writing to practice. I’m an achiever at heart and I believe that everyone should seek to better themselves and live up to the potential that’s within them. I am no exceptional wordsmith, but perhaps I have it in me to be an adequate one. My writing is a work in progress, but I’m confident that the more I write, the better I’ll become.

I’m writing to collect – I collect things. Like a LOT of things. Pictures. Articles. Books. Photos. Useful and useless information. Ask my husband about the piles of bits of paper that we have in our house. On here, I can collect them all in one place (though I’m not likely to give up my random bits of paper anytime soon also…)

I’m writing to share. I’ve learnt a lot of helpful and practical stuff in my life through reading. I’ve been greedy in my consumption so it seems only fair that I share it – God loves a generous giver.

I hope it will be beautiful and that other people may find it meaningful also, but the rewarding part for me will be in the process of crafting this blog. It might be a way to connect with others who love Jesus and want to soak up the life he offers, or to collaborate with new friends looking for creative ideas and inspiration. But for me it will be my sketchpad. My notebook. My travel journal of the path I’ve walked. And that’s why I’m blogging again…hesitant but hopeful.

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