How to make a REAL Conference Backdrop Giant Paper Rose

What a wonderful conference we had last week! I was so proud of our REAL team, big thank you to all who helped out with the decorations.

Lots of people asked me 2 things, 1) where we got the idea from for the flowers on the stage and 2) how do you make them? So here’s the answers. Firstly, I saw the backdrop for Chanel’s Spring Fashion Shows in Paris a while back. Their staging above looked fresh and feminine so I thought I’d give it a try to make our own for our women’s conference.We made all sorts of flowers but the roses were my favourite as they looked great under the lights and gave the backdrop some real depth – we just used white photocopier paper but they looked really blue in natural light.

Here’s a tutorial for the REAL roses. Get your sellotape and scissors at the ready!

First of all you’ll need to decide what size rose you’d like to make.

If you’d like a large rose, you’ll need A3 and A4 sheets of paper, a medium one uses A4 and A5 sheets and a small uses A5 and A6.

You will need:

paper (12 sheets of a larger size, 12 sheets of a smaller size) (NB. If you’d like a fuller rose, you can use more petals – the more petals, the fuller the rose! If you use less, you end up with a more bud shaped rose).



a pencil

1. Cut out 12 smaller petals and 12 larger petals.

2. Take a smaller petal and wrap it your pencil. Then wrap it into a cone shape and secure with sellotape. This is the centre of your rose.

3. Tape another petal to the cone, and secure either side of the petal leaving a space between layers where the rose petals are blooming.

4. Keep adding the smaller petals in this manner until all the small petals are used up. You should end up with something like this:

5. Now you begin with the larger petals. Take your larger petals and make a slit down the centre of the bottom. Overlap the slit and secure with tape. Do this for all the large petals. This creates a more curved petal shape.

6. Next, you want to curl your leaves. Get your pencil and wrap the top 2 corners of your petal to curl either edge into a slight point.

7. Once you have your curled petals, tape the first one onto the rose. It should look slightly larger than the centre of the rose as these are the petals that are more in bloom.

8. Repeat with all your petals, overlapping the layers until you have a full rose and you’re happy with the shape. You can add extra petals as you think looks pretty!

Here are some snapshots from the stage with the final roses from my phone, once we get the official photos back, I’ll show you some better pictures! :

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