3 Word Prayer Challenge

The last few weeks I’ve been reading an excellent book by Margaret Feinberg called Wanderlust. It is a beautifully written book and I would highly recommend it. In the book, Margaret talks about a project to freshen up your prayer life, challenging us to keep myprayers short and sweet – no more than 3 words long.
When I first decided to do it, I was like “Can I fiteverything into 3 words?”, “Does this make me less holy, only saying 3 words toGod?” “
Do you know something: I LOVE praying like this. Firstly, itfeels efficient and productive – not babbling but getting straight to thepoint. (My Myers Briggs is ENTJ and apparently prayers of an ENTJ are “God, help me to slowdownandnotrushthroughwhatIdoAmen.” I hate faffing about andwasting time so short, punchy, specific prayers are genius for me –  My prayers have never been fresher, clearer,simpler and more eloquent. But more importantly, I haven’t prayed this much in a long time. Quicksentences to God scattered through the day. It’s great!
God, you’re amazing.
Thanks for that.
I love you.
Heal her.
Bless them financially.
Which way’s best?
Provide for me.
Give me clarity.
Use me today.
Thanks for bed.
Refresh him.
Reveal your love.
I love exercises like this, they help keep my prayers freshand vibrant. What kind of things do you like to do to keep your prayer lifefresh?

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