How to stop cruising…

After being a christian for most of my life, I’ve recently been mulling over the idea of growing in faith and what that actually means. Each year of my life, I want to become more holy, more prayerful, more generous, more thankful, more loving, more in love with Jesus. more spiritually disciplined. I’ve been thinking, am I more loving than I was this time last year? Am I more patient with Ben? Am I reading my bible more than I was this time last year? How can I track or measure whether I’m growing closer to God and not just cruising along and living on autopilot?

So, I made a chart. Charts pander to the 4 year old inside of me – I loved “good and helpful” charts and “pocket money” charts. I made a chore chart at uni with pictures and coloured pens for all my housemates (they asked me to, it wasn’t me nagging them!). I like charts and lists and goals and tracking my progress. Obviously I had lots of fun making it pretty with lovely fonts and doodles – it’s just for me to keep track of how I’m doing in my life. To mark my progress. I make a plan of the “ideal timeframe” and tick it off when I meet it. Not all the stuff on it relates specifically to my faith, I also had parts for cleaning and days out…!

Here’s the kind of stuff I have on it:

Daily Goals: Quiet Time/ Memorise Bible/ Read/ Do Something Fun/ Connect with Friend etc etc…
Weekly Goals: 150 mins Exercise/ In Depth Bible Study etc etc…
Fortnightly Goals: Have friends over for dinner/ Meet with Mentee/ Do something creative etc etc…
Monthly Goals: Solitude Time/ Buy an impromptu gift for someone/ Take a mentor/mentee out for lunch etc..

Ben and I also keep a budget. Here we track how much money we give away and our intention is to give away more every year, thus growing in generosity.

These are still my initial drafts and I’m thinking of tweaking my planner. I’m yet to tick every box but that’s OK. The idea is that it gives me a goal and helps me be more intentional. I can then track how many times that month I’ve met that goal and then next month I’ll try and beat it. I’ll miss a few, but that’s what God’s grace is for.

2 Peter 3:18 But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever.

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