My Summer Soundtrack

This Summer there have been some beauties on my itunes. Here are my favourites:

Bryan and Katie Torwalt – Holy Spirit – This is my new favourite album. They’re a couple from Bethel and they have such a great sound – I think the worship team are sick of us recommending them now.

One Republic – Good Life – This is such a feel good song, I know it came out last year but if I had a convertible and could drive down the west coast of America, I’d listen to this song on repeat…

Will Reagan and United Pursuit – Bless the Lord – It’s like Mumford and Sons meets Jesus. I love the sounds and layers and instruments these guys use and this song will be stuck in your head all day… It has like 2 lines to the song too so it’s ridiculously easy for the lyrically challenged like me to learn too… hooray!

The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition – I liked this song before 500 days of Summer, and then I liked it when it was on 500 days of Summer, and now I still like it. Very dreamy soundtrack for long summer journeys. Ben is forced to dance with me in the living room to the 500 days of Summer soundtrack a lot.

Bryan and Katie Torwalt – Lover of your Presence – I know I have one of there’s already on this list but just listen to the album, it’s really good and this song is so great too.

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