Things I like at the moment January 2012

Happy New Year! Here are some of my favourite things from the latter part of 2011:

Our New House – we have lived in our new house for 4 months now. It used to be Ben’s nan’s and is lovely and warm and cosy. I love the roses out the front and the cosy fire that Terry has put in for us.

Craft Gawker – This is both an app and a website. It’s basically a place to post all your cool ideas and to “gawk” at others. I love flipping through different projects on my phone. They all come with tutorials or printable templates too so you can have hours of fun browsing and making things. We made our wrapping paper with a printable from it.

Inkpen, West Berkshire – This place has been one of my favourite places since Ben and I discovered it 2 years ago. It is a little village in beautiful English countryside not too far from Reading. The houses are huge cottages, stately homes and mansions, and the views from around the place are very spectacular. I love how it’s so quiet and untouched. We went for my birthday this year, here are some of our pictures:

Pinterest – I blame Beccy Oliver for this one. She introduced it to me and now I can’t get off it. It’s a virtual pin board where people “organise and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.” You can spend hours exploring and you can find so much cool stuff on there; books, pictures, places, projects, houses, interior design, recipes, art etc etc. It’s a great place to explore for ideas and inspiration!

Songs & Books
For the Honor by Elevation Worship – This is such a beautiful song. I find myself humming it throughout the day. Good job elevation!

Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo – I read about this book online ages ago and have wanted to read it for a while. It’s about a 2 or 3 year old boy that goes to heaven whilst in an operating theatre. I’m usually really cynical about books like that, particularly when people sell their story as a book. But I believe in a God that could take a small child into heaven to protect him during his operation so I love this book. There are various things that make this story entirely convincing and moving (I wouldn’t want to give away the plot but you may need tissues at various points!) In all honesty, the 3 year old child describes heaven and Jesus more biblically and accurately than any other 2/3 year old and probably most Christians could! It’s a fascinating read, highly recommended.

Paradise by Coldplay –  Coldplay are just geniuses at songwriting. They write song that fill stadiums. I love this song! It’s so catchy with such a good baseline. How crazy that the video’s had almost 50 million views already..!?

Esther by Beth Moore – Lovely Natalie and I are currently going through this book over 9 weeks together. We watch a video of Beth preaching on each chapter and then have homework to do each time. I really love going through this short book in the bible over an extended period of time because I’m learning so much more hearing Natalie’s perspective and also Beth’s crazy amount of bible knowledge. If you want a hardcore, in depth but really accessible bible study, I would definitely recommend Beth Moore.

While I was on holiday, I read a book that said in it “accumulate experiences, not possessions”. I love this phrase. Ive tried to write it over my life recently. Here are some of my favourite experiences recently:

Homemade Presents – This year, Ben and I made our first ever homemade present together. It was this sign here for Ben’s sister Sally:
It made it all the more fun and personal watching her open it and I think she liked it too…

Origami – Origami has been our life saver this year! We had no Christmas decorations so we ended up making quite a few from old wrapping paper etc. It was lots of fun and I’m now a paper folding extraordinaire.

Pinky Knits -I’ve never learnt to knit so Ben bought me a finger knitting kit for Christmas. It’s way easier and I made a very cosy snood over the Christmas holiday.

Scuba Diving – Do you scuba? Scuba diving is by far one of the most incredible things I’ve done in a long time. I was blessed to be able to go to the Maldives on honeymoon and, as everyone says, to see the real Maldives, you have to go under the sea. It was so amazing-I love it! Here are some photos:  (there’s a lot as I couldn’t choose!)


Cream Cable Knit Things – They keep me warm and cosy and look so pretty. This blanket that we’re snuggled in is the new blanket I was given for Christmas.

Oreo Truffles – These are so tasty and so easy. They’ve been a regular feature in the Bryan household for the last few years. You should try them!

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