Things I like at the moment

Life is hectic at the moment. Like REALLY hectic (hence my lack of blogging). My time is a concotion of weddings and dissertations and houses and jobs. I love the busy-ness and craziness of it all but here is the stuff that is helping get me through:

The House at Riverton by Kate Morton

My mother in law to be gave me this book. It’s a easy summery read and has a lovely English feel to it. I’ve given it to mum to read but will return it to you soon Val!

David by Beth Moore
Life is hectic but this book is a devotional so gives structure to my bible reading. It goes through the life of David in 90 days and gives you questions and reflections to fill in. Beth Moore’s insights and applications are great plus it has a lovely authentic feel to it (torn edged parchment paper with a ribbon bookmark and vintage lettering). A recommended devotional for all.

4 ingredients or less by Kim McCoskerand Rachael Bermingham
This book is a student dream. I only ever have a few ingredients in the cupboard. This book contains quick, cheap and easy recipes. I think they’ve made a 2nd and 3rd edition.

Snow Patrol – Just say yes
Snow Patrol can do no wrong. Great song to stick on the ipod when chilling.

Coldplay – Glass of Water
These are 2 of my favourite things in one song – Coldplay and Water. I love how atmospheric the chorus is.

Hillsong United – Like an Avalance
We sang this song at the Hillsong Colour Conference. Beautiful song. I love the original and refreshing ways that Hillsong express their faith without using the more frequently used cliched worship lyrics.

Glee Cast – Marry You
Very topical at the moment. I get excited about getting married and try get ben to dance with me to this song alot.

Greys Anatomy

I am a greys fan through and through. It’s great because no matter how bad your days gone, it will never be as bad as the person in the operation theatre. Because it’s about life and death, it’s got a really profound and reflective side which I love to retreat to after a long day studying.

Particularly the American Version. I saw one this morning where the Dad had died a month earlier, sobbed all the way through.

Pure Musical goodness in one show. I love the covers, I love the characters, I love the comedy.

I don’t get addicted to many things, but this website is my guilty pleasure. The naming 50 states game is my forte, I will beat you hands down at it.

Random Fonts

I like drawing fonts, I like finding fonts, I like re-writing stuff in different fonts. I never had very neat handwriting at school so I think I’m making up for it now by learning to write in different styles. I think I’m going through a more advanced school child “lets do bubble writing everything” stage again…Here was the result of a recent procrastination:

Chocolate Brownies
This recipe will help in all situations. My friends love it and have been known to only invite me round (Jamie Turner…) if I bring these brownies – charming!
Another students dream. You basically type in the ingredients that you have and don’t have on the Recipe Sifter and it will come up with recipes that you can make.
Disaster Designs
This range of handbags and gifts are so summery and beautiful. I particularly like the Paper Planes and the Dandy range. I bought this bag, purse and washbag to take on my honeymoon.

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