I travel alot. Not necessarily exciting travel, just commuting travel…

Travelling home,
Getting the train to Exeter,
Walking to round shops,
Driving to Bracknell,
Flying on holiday,
Getting the bus to Uni.

I spend alot of my time moving from one place to another. In Finland, I had to get a bus to university. Waiting for the bus, catching it and walking into uni took an hour, so the round trip was 2 hours. That time could have been wasted, sitting daydreaming, but one of the best things that I ever did was getting into the habit of listening to podcasts or worship music whilst I was travelling about.

I think back to times when God has spoken to me most. The biggest question God’s ever asked me was through a podcast on a bus. He’s challenged my belief that he will do the impossible while sitting on a train, some of my best worship sessions have been whilst I’m walking home from uni, where no one else is joining me, it’s just me and God (and my ipod…). Or encouraged me to address my lack of compassion when I chatted to a homeless guy on the way home from work. Inspired me to pursue my dreams when I sat next to a 86 year old guy on a plane from the Traveler’s Century Club on his mission to visit the 298th country out of the 320 he dreamed of seeing. When I’m sitting on a train, I’m forced to sit and appreciate God’s awesome creation, rolling hills and streams scatter the countryside. My favourite journey is driving home from Bracknell on the A329M just as the sun is setting, driving into the sun, God seems to paint His glory over the sky.

Journeys force us to stop. They force us to stop and sometimes God takes those opportunities to speak to me and speak over my life. If you look at Jesus’ travels, he didn’t wait to get to the destination to do God’s will, he often did it on the journey. He healed people on his journey. He had meaningful conversations. He baptised people. He performed miracles. He loved people. God often works enroute as we’re going about our daily lives. As we’re on the way to school, to church, waiting for lectures to start, travelling around the countries. He gives us an opportunity and who knows where these opportunities will take us.

“The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity” Leonard Ravenhill

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