Our Engagement

 It has been 4 months since I last wrote on my here and SO much has happened in those last 4 months…went to Albania for the first time, lost a friend, started my last year at uni, preached in church…but the most significant thing that’s happened it that the wonderfully handsome man in my life proposed – eek!

Ben is the most fantastic man I have ever met. He is my greatest encourager and my greatest friend. I love his sense of humour, his laugh and the joy and enthusiasm he brings to every situation. His faith refreshes me and challenges me, and his creativity inspires me. He knows me strengths and loves me through my weaknesses. He empowers me to step up (sometimes when I don’t want to) and has created a relationship where he allows me to flourish and to be the best version of me possible.

I think one of the reasons we both enjoy our relationship so much is that we’ve sacrificed it to God, seeing what He wants to do with it, as opposed to seeing what we can get out of it. My desire is that in our marriage, as opposed to our marriage being self indulgent where we focus on what we both can get out of it, we’ll offer it to God first and foremost to see how He will use it and how we can serve Him best through it.

 My last 3 months have therefore involved venue visits, colour schemes, photographers, wedding dresses and all the lovely things that weddings bring! But as opposed to just focusing on preparing for the actual wedding day, I’m trying to spend as much time focussing on preparing for our marriage as well. This so far has involved reading a variety of books on marriage, asking Ben all sorts of questions and planning practical things (houses, jobs, cars etc).

I read this recently, where husbands were asked what one thing they needed most from their wives, maybe you’ll find it useful too:

    1.  I need you to take care of you.
            -your health, happiness, your intimacy with God
    2.  I need you to believe in me.
    3.  I need you to encourage me.
            -I’m with you no matter what
            -I know you best and love you most
            -Who cares what they think
    4.  I need you to help keep me focused on what really matters.
    5.  I need you to make our home “base,” a place where I feel safe
    6.  I need you to pray for me.
            -You know what to pray better than anyone
    7.  I need you to remind me of God’s past faithfulness.

I love these answers.

Ben, I hope that come August 27th next year, I can fulfill all these things for you!

4 thoughts on “Our Engagement

  1. Heather, this is lovely! Im very happy for you! I haven't had chance to congratulate you yet face to face, but will do at some point. You'll have to tell me about it all :). xkayleyx


  2. I love your post! It makes me dream…. 🙂
    You are able to write always about little and simple things speaking about that as the most amazing and special things at the world
    (if you understand what I mean)!:)

    You are able to speak about God in a really special way! i love it! you make me think a lot…


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