Less Information, More Transformation!

I have ALOT of christian books.

In fact, I have almost 200 christian books (some of which are still brand new and unread). I used to work in a Christian bookstore so everytime I saw a book I thought would be interesting, I would buy it. I have bible studies, bible commentaries, bible concordances, books on youth work, childrens work, the church, worship, prayer, creative arts, leadership, devotionals, prophecy, women, relationships, love, preaching, biographies… you name it, I will have a book on it.

I have more than 10 different bibles.

The NIV, the TNIV, the KJV, the NKJV, the NCV, the NLT, the One Year Bible, the Message, the Message Remix, the Good News Bible, the Parallel bible, Study bibles, Amplified Bibles, Youth bibles, life Application Bibles, the bible on CD, the New Testament on CD read by Women…

I have about 50 CD’s with messages from churches and conferences all over the world on and my ipod is maxed out with podcasts from churches around the globe. (I realise most people have music on their Ipods – I am a self confessed geek and am quite comfortable with my thirst for knowledge!).

If the number of bibles, podcasts and christian books that I have were any measure of what kind of Christian I was, I would have brought thousands of people to know Jesus and be swept up to heaven because I would be perfect. Just because I’m educated does not necessarily mean that I am obedient. Information is not guaranteed to change a thing about my life. The amount of stuff that I know is not important. What’s far more important is what I’m doing with what I know. If I have information, and not much application, the information is wasted on me. When I want to grow in prayer, I read books about praying as opposed to actually praying. Or when I want to improve my devotional life, I read books about spiritual disciplines as opposed to closing the door and spending time with God. I sometimes think that God is laughing at me always reading and listening to sermons trying to uncover new insights into how to be a better Christian when, in all honesty, I still need to grasp the “love your neighbour as you love yourself” thing.

James 2:14 says,

“What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if people claim to have faith but have no deed?”. If we have faith in what we read, it should cause us to have good deeds through the application of it. It is no use to read God’s word without having deeds that follow. I want to not only READ and HEAR God’s Word but also APPLY it to my life. It is only when we apply His Word that we will begin to be transformed. We apply things to our lives if we believe them. If we believe what we are reading and hearing, we should be altering our lives according to what we have heard. God’s Word requires a response. Either we reject it and do nothing after reading or hearing it, or we accept it, believe it and apply it to our lives accordingly.

Often I feel like a spiritual pig. I consume and consume and consume and I don’t do anything with the information I hear. I read God’s Word but don’t exercise… Having information is not wrong. It’s placing information as the goal that is wrong. My goal is not to be informed. My goal is to hear and apply God’s Word so that through Him I will be transformed to be His hands and feet on earth. Only when I apply God’s word will I be able to reach people that don’t know Him so they too may be transformed and have life to the full in Jesus.

Information should lead to Application resulting in Transformation. God’s Word requires a response. The Goal is not informed lives, the Goal is transformed lives.

3 thoughts on “Less Information, More Transformation!

  1. Hi Heather..love this blog entry..reminds me soooo much of myself..a spiritual”pig” consuming and consuming….!!!!

    Thanks for your honesty and insight and you have a great gift for the written word..so feel newly challenged.!!


  2. Awesome blog – really got me thinking about how much time I spend focusing on me and my needs to be spiritually fed…there will always be more books to read, more to pray, more sermons to listen to – but each day that passes, there is less and less time to share the gospel with those who need to hear it most! We don't need to wait until we feel fully 'prepared' – I think I would be waiting forever!

    like the change of the title of your blog 🙂 Keep up the good work lady xx


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