Creation should inspire creating…

I have to do a project at uni about how I would become an expert on a topic of my choice. Now… there are a lot of things that I love doing, that I could do it on: baking, drawing, painting, quilting, writing, photography, make up artistry…anything arty, and I’m there!

I chose drawing and painting in the end, as that is an area I would like to improve in. We had to look back at our development so far and when we started. What struck me most, with drawing and painting, I’ve always drawn and painted. Whether it was a poster paint painting of my house in playgroup, or a watercolour painting of my house for ALevel. I had a folder of animals that I drew in infant school, and a folder full of fashion designs in junior school. I had plans for the interior design of my house in school, I had folder of all the disney characters that I had a drawn. I have sketch books full of drawings and paintings for my GCSE and Alevel. It wasn’t until I looked back to try to pinpoint when I started my creative journey, when I realised, I’ve always been on one.

We were created in the image of God. God is our CREATOR therefore, if He is creative, we must be also. God could have created everything the same, yet he chose to inject colour and characteristics to enrich our experience on earth. I was walking outside today and was struck by the beauty of our world. God could have created our world bland and boring. The sky was bright blue but the trees are in their full, autumnal glory – red, orange, amber, green, brown. The landscape is saturated with colour and vitality. We live in an awesome creation under and awesome creator which should inspire us to be creative!

So many people sign themselves off as uncreative just because they can’t draw or paint or don’t understand complementary colours. I think we’re all creative – we all create a style that we wear, whether its a girly and feminine style, or a corporate and masculine style, we each design our outfits to convey a certain message. Sometimes I look at odd looking creatures, like elephants or baboons, and think about how if it were a human that made them, we would ultimately sign them off as mistakes, that they look a bit weird and that we can’t do art. God on the other hand looks at them and says “that is good”.

I think there is something deeply spiritual about creating things. When we create, we cause other viewers to react in some way, to create activity within their heart and mind. It may stir up a thought or a feeling, a memory or an idea, it may captivate the imagination. Technique, style and skill level are irrelevant, but creations always evoke reflection and a response. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful world and I can’t help but feel certain ways as I look at the landscape and nature that God designed. Creation should inspire creating…

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