New Year, New Blog

Happy New Year!

I decided that for my new years resolution would be to journal more and spend more time in reflection. However, I soon discovered that I left my journal at uni so blogging is the next best thing!

Something that has stuck with me from the RockNations Conference was a sign at the side of the stage saying “Live by design, not by default”. Designs usually require planning (my top strengthfinder strength is “futurist”, meaning I LOVE planning) and in order to plan, you need to take time out to think and a space to write your plans.

I was listening to Charlotte Scanlon Gambill this morning and she was talking about new beginnings. 2009 is a new beginning. Healthy christians should always be growing in their faith so each year we should be acheiving more and producing more fruit. Theoretically, 2009 should be my best year yet, my most fruitful year, the year when I am closest to God as I know more about him than I ever have done in previous years and the year when I acheive most for Him. In order for 2009 to be my best year yet, I need to be intentional; giving of my time, giving of my money and giving of my heart intentionally.

Last year, when I was volunteering for my church was definately the most amazing year of my life so far. I enjoyed serving, learnt alot about myself, about other people and about God. Initially, going to uni in September felt a bit pointless and futile compared to my previous year. 8 hours of lectures a week for the next 4 years of my life, in order to qualify to become a primary school teacher that I may or may not go into once finished, doesn’t seem quite as meaningful as serving in a church with like minded people, who are saving souls, together on a mission for Christ. I was also getting frustrated with the lack of money that I had to bless others with as I felt I couldn’t give and also, I hadn’t felt I had found a church I felt passionate about. So by the time the first term was over, uni life was feeling a bit meaningless.

In all honesty, I didn’t have much hope for 2009 being my “best year yet”. However, I considered the amount of time I have on my hands as a student and God’s principle of multiplying the little that I give. If I am intentional with the money and the time I have at uni, I can produce MUCH fruit this year. Although I have not yet found a church in Exeter and am still praying that I may find one, I can serve God in the world, serving students at uni and leading the C.U. Hall group.

I envisage that my next few days will include a lot of list writing of intentional acts of service and giving (I live by lists!).

Praying that 2009 will be our best year yet!

Heather xx

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